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Revive Yoga is permanently closed due to the financial impact and health concerns of Covid-19 in our community. 

Like many small businesses, the economic side effects of coronavirus in 2019 have financially impaired the future success of the studio (while we were all mandated to hunker down, the rent and overhead business expenses were still due even with

our doors closed to clients). 

I've gotten to know so many of you since opening last October and you are awesome! Thank you so much for your support of a new studio space on Daniel Island. This studio allowed me to connect with our amazing community and find that in person human connection so often missed. I hope you felt the same.

I hope that you can understand the hardships and sacrifices made by small business owners during this time and continue to support local on Daniel Island and greater Charleston now and always! 

[Class Offerings]

   Vinyasa Flow  |  All Levels Flow  |  Power(ful) Flow

   Gentle Flow |  Yin (Deep Stretch)  |  Vin to Yin (Flow to Stretch)

Pre & Postnatal  |  Family & Kids Yoga  |  Meditation

Connect your breath and movement at our vinyasa yoga studio - the first dedicated yoga studio on Daniel Island serving our island and greater Charleston. All are welcome from first-timers to experienced yogis. Increase strength and mobility. Calm your mind and nervous system. Deep stretch and release tension. Find the practice that works for you. 

Breath. Move. Come Alive.

[Spread good karma. Feel the feels.]

Donation Based Classes

Our instructors offer monthly donation based classes to benefit the non profit organization of their choice. Join us and spread the positive vibes. Check out the schedule for details.

Non-Profit Community Partner

REVIVE YOGA supports Postpartum Support Charleston. Are you having trouble adjusting to motherhood? Are you feeling sad, anxious, angry or scared? Do you feel like there is no hope to feeling better? Are you physically and emotionally exhausted? You’re not alone, mama. Reach out for help. https://www.ppdsupport.org/

Pink Sea

[Yoga is the balance of   mind, body    and daily life.]

R E V I V E  Y O G A


Daniel Island Location

225 Seven Farms Drive, Suite 108 B

Charleston, SC 29492

(843) 608-8052


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